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Item Type: Turn Signal
Lumens: 2400Lm
Interface Type: T10 (W5W/194)
Model Name: Dynamic LED Turn Signal Light
Wattage: normal
Item Weight: 100G
Marking: E8
Includes: one pair (right and left)
Material: ABS LED
Feature: LED Dynamic Side Marker Turn Signal Light

Fit for 1: For Infiniti EX25, J50
Fit for 2: For Infiniti EX35, J50
Fit for 3: For Infiniti EX37, J50
Fit For 4: For Infiniti FX30d, CLS51, S51
Fit For 5: For Infiniti FX35, CLS51, S51
Fit For 6: For Infiniti FX37, CLS51, S51
Fit For 7: For Infiniti FX50, CLS51, S51
Fit For 8: For Infiniti G25, V36
Fit For 9: For Infiniti G35, V36
Fit For 10: For Infiniti G37, CV36, HV36, V36
Fit For 11: For Infiniti JX35, L50
Fit For 12: For Infiniti M25, Y51, Y51HV
Fit For 13: For Infiniti M35, Y50, Y51, Y51HV
Fit For 14: For Infiniti M37, Y51, Y51HV
Fit For 15: For Infiniti M45, Y50, Y51, Y51HV
Fit For 16: For Infiniti M56, Y51, Y51HV
Fit For 17: For Infiniti Q40, V36
Fit For 18: For Infiniti Q60, CV36, HV36
Fit For 19: For Infiniti Q70, Y51, Y51HV
Fit For 20: For Infiniti QX50, J50
Fit For 21: For Infiniti QX60, L50, L50HV
Fit For 22: For Infiniti QX70, CLS51, S51
Fit For 23: For Nissan Fuga, GY50, PNY50, PY50, Y50
Fit For 24: For Nissan Murano, PNZ51, TNZ51, Z51, Z51R, Z51Z
Fit For 25: For Nissan Pathfinder, R52, R52HV, R52R, R52RR
Fit For 26: For Nissan Skyline, CKV36, KV36, NV36, PV36, V36
Housing Color: Smoked Black/Crystal

LED Dynamic Turn Signal Light for Infiniti, Nissan, Murano, Skyline

SKU: 2255801061110042
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