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This is an ADD-ON for our Audio Interface Harness Adapters with Hi-Level Output Connections. We can install the LOC (line converter) of your choice onto your harness adapter at the time of ordering. That will allow you to connect amplifiers that only have preamp or low-level RCA inputs.


Note: You will need to provide the RCA cable to connect your amp/dsp. 


Product Features:

- Line Converter of Your Choice

- Professinal Installation on Audio Interface Harness Adapter


Line Converter Options:

- Kicker KISLOC, 2-Channel LOC

- Kicker KISLOC2, 2-Channel LOC with Remote Turn-On

- AudioControl LC2i, 2-Channel LOC

- PAC LP3-4, 4-Channel LOC

ADD-ON, Line Output Converters

PriceFrom $34.95
  • Non-returnable and non-cancellable (after 24 hours of ordering).

    Defective items can be exchanged for FREE, unless out of stock. If so, a full or partial refund will be given as necessary. 

    These items are custom installed-to-order and have a lead time of 4-5 business days. 

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