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OWC Exclusive

For any BOSE equipped 2008-2017 EX35, EX37, or QX50.

Built with economy and good quality in mind, the RED LINE offers nice options to easily upgrade your audio system. Each interface simply plugs into the factory amp harness in the trunk, letting you Plug-N-Play Amplifier and DSP (Signal Processor) Upgrades! That way you can add subwoofers, push more power to the car speakers, and increase the clarity & adjustability of your sound system overall. It's mind-blowing how simple it is to upgrade! There is ZERO need to cut & hack (ruin) your car's factory wiring, spend days tracing & checking so many wires for signals, or purchase & run a whole bunch of speaker wiring all over the car (unless you choose). The Red Line is Professionally Built with Quality Materials, Labeled for Easy Connections, and Provides Clean Signals & Speaker Connections from the Factory Harness.


What you get

An all-in-one interface that provides: RCA Cable to connect pre-amp (low-level) audio signals to the input of your Amp(s) or DSP. Speaker Wiring that connects your amp to the car speakers. Plus, a Remote Turn-On Signal to activate your equipment!

You'll need to provide the main power and ground wire for your Amp/DSP.



Select the AUDIO UPGRADE you'd like to do in the drop-down list. The matching photo describes how the kit will connect to your car & audio equipment. Please note, these items are custom made-to-order and have a lead time of 5-7 business days. Therefore, any cancellations (after 24 hours) will result in a 25% cancellation fee. For questions and special requests (longer cables, different speaker connections, etc.), please call/email to discuss!


Product Features:

- Nice Build & Materials. Designed for Good Audio Quality

- ALL Necessary Wiring to Interface Your Car/Audio Equipment

- RCA Cable (28 Gauge, Twisted Pairs), 5ft 

- Silver Plated RCA Connectors, with Split Tips for Good Contact

- 12 Volt Remote Turn-On Wire Connection, 5ft

- 16/18 Gauge Speaker Wiring (on select adapters), 5ft

- All Copper Wiring with Standard PVC Jacket, 5ft

- Labeled Wire Connections for Easy Hookups

- Installation Guide Included

EX35 / EX37 / QX50: Audio Interface Harness Adapters, RED LINE

PriceFrom $74.95
  • Installation Guide

    Speaker Wiring Adapters to connect aftermarket speakers

  • Orders are returnable within 30 days of delivery and must be in like-new condition.

    Defective items can be exchanged for FREE, unless out of stock. If so, a full or partial refund will be given as necessary. 

    Any cancellations (after 24 hours) or returns of "non-defective" items may be subject to a 25% fee.

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