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OWC Exclusive

COMPLETE 2013 Navigation System + Conversion Harness Kit. 
This assembly will allow you to easily Upgrade Any Bose Equipped 2008-09 EX35 without AVM Cameras to a 2013 NAVIGATION SYSTEM w/BOSE. The assembly uses parts from a 2013 G37 (with an EX35 Faceplate) and our Conversion Harness Kit for a 100% Plug-N-Play upgrade! All parts are in great condition. 
Simply select your car system in the drop-down list above and the appropriate harness kit will be provided with the 2013 NAV setup. If you’d like to add or keep the ability to get Satellite Radiothen select your vehicle system + SiriusXM Antenna to include that with purchase (antenna not needed for vehicles that already have nav). Each harness kit is made-to-order and has a Lead Time of 5 Business Days.
FEATURES Of This 2013 NAVIGATION System w/Bose Include: • Voice Control Navigation • High-Resolution Display • Bluetooth Audio Streaming & Phone Calls • USB port auxiliary input • Rear View Camera Input • Map Updates through DVD; No dealer required • Satellite-Radio Weather Reports and XM NavTraffic with Real-Time Traffic Information (SiriusXM subscription required, sold separately).

Plug-N-Play Harness Kit Includes

- ALL necessary wiring to interface with the 2013 nav parts

- GPS Antenna, 10ft Cable (non-nav vehicles only)

- USB Input Adapter Cable, 3.25ft

- Microphone Connection Cable, 10ft (non-nav vehicles only)

- Rear Camera Input Cable, 18ft (to add a backup camera)

- Optional; SiriusXM Antenna, 23ft Cable (non-nav vehicles only)

- Installation Guide

EX35 Navigation Conversion Assembly: Upgrade 2008-09 w/o AVM to 2013 NAV

PriceFrom $654.95
  • 2013 Navigation Parts:

    - Nav Unit / Radio Receiver 

    - Touch Screen Display

    - Control Panel for Display

    - Faceplate / Climate Panel


    Plug-N-Play Interface:

    - OWC Conversion Harness Kit


    Optional Parts to Consider Purchasing Separately

    - Rear View Camera. The kit supports adding an OEM camera or aftermarket one with an RCA connection. The OEM camera should be one from an EX35 or QX50 without around view monitoring (such as part no. 28442-1BA0A).
    - Back Door Handle Cover. Part number 90817-1BA0A with the cutout section for the rear camera to pass thru.
    - USB Flush Mount/Panel Mount Extension Cable, to easily mount the USB port in car.


    *This is an easy upgrade, however purchaser is responsible for understanding what's required for their install or seeking installation service. 

    For questions / support, please contact us. 

  • Each harness kit is made-to-order and has a Lead Time of 5 Business Days. Therefore, any cancellations after 24 hours will result in a 20% cancellation fee.

    Assemblies are returnable within 30 days of delivery. All parts must be in the same condition as received and are subject to a 25% return fee.

    Defective items may be exchanged for free, unless unavailable. If so, a full or partial refund will be given as necessary. 

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