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OWC Exclusive

This kit will allow you to easily Upgrade Any 2010-2015 G37, Q40, or Q60 with Bose to a 2010-2015 NAVIGATION System w/BOSE. All you need are the navigation parts, as outlined under the section "PARTS FOR THE CONVERSION". With the harness kit, everything installs 100% Plug-N-Play like it came from the factory! 


FEATURES Of The 2010-15 NAV System w/Bose Include: • Voice Control Navigation • High-Resolution Display • Bluetooth Audio Streaming, Phone Calls, & Controls • USB port auxiliary input • Rear View Camera Input • Map Updates through DVD; No dealer required.• 9.3GB Music Box hard drive for music storage and playback (2010-12 units only) • Satellite-Radio Weather Reports and XM NavTraffic with Real-Time Traffic Information (SiriusXM subscription required, sold separately).



Simply select your car system in the drop-down list above. If you’d like to add or keep the ability to get Satellite Radio with your 2010+ NAV setup, then select your car system + SiriusXM Antenna to include that with purchase. Each kit is custom made-to-order and has a Lead Time of 7 Business Days. Any cancellations after 24 hours will result in a 25% cancellation fee.


Plug-N-Play Harness Kit Includes

- ALL necessary wiring to interface with the 2010+ nav parts
- GPS Antenna, 10ft Cable 
- Microphone Connection Cable, 10ft 
- Optional; SiriusXM Antenna, 23ft Cable 
- Installation Guide 

G37 / Q40 / Q60 Navigation Harness Adapter Kit: Upgrade 2010-15 Cars

PriceFrom $434.95
  • Four NAV Parts are Required for the Conversion:

    (1) Touch Screen Display (2) Control Panel for Display (3) Faceplate / Climate Panel (4) NAV Unit / Radio Receiver


    (1) Touch Screen Display 

    From a 2010-2015 G37, Q40, Q60, EX35, EX37, or QX50 with Nav.

    Part No: 28091-1BY3A, 28091-1BY3B, 28091-1BY1E, 28091-1BY1F, or 28091-1BY3C.


    (2) Control Panel for Display

    From a 2008-2015 G37, Q40, Q60, or EX35 with Nav.

    Part No: 28395-1UF1A, 28395-1UF2A, 28395-JK605, 28395-JK65B, or 28395-JK66B.


    (3) Faceplate / Climate Panel 

    From a 2010-2015 G37, Q40, or Q60 with Nav.

    Part No: 25391-1UF3A.


    From a 2008-2009 G37 with NAV. (These faceplates have a hard drive slot on them)

    Part No: 25391-JK64B or 25391-JK65B


    (4) NAV Unit / Radio Receiver

    From a 2010-2015 G37, Q40, or Q60 Coupe/Sedanwith Nav.

    Part No: 25915-1JA0B, 25915-1JA1E, 25915-1JA2B, 25915-3LZ1A, 25915-3LZ0C, 25915-3LZ1B, or 25915-3LZ1C


    *This is an easy upgrade, however purchaser is responsible for understanding what's required for their install or seeking installation service. 

    For questions / support, please contact us. 

  • Orders are returnable within 30 days of delivery and must be in like-new condition.

    Defective items can be exchanged for FREE, unless out of stock. If so, a full or partial refund will be given as necessary. 

    These items are custom made-to-order and have a lead time of 5 business days. Therefore, any cancellations (after 24 hours) or returns of "non-defective" items may be subject to a 25% fee.

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