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OWC Exclusive

Enjoy Increased Runtime with our Top of the Line TRUE 150mAh Super-Capacity High Rate BatteryYou can expect at least twice the run time of the originally equipped battery in Anki cars. Performance tests consistently clock 42+ minutes of runtime vs 19 minutes from the original battery in brand new condition tested in "Demo Mode" (Anki cars auto-drive at a medium set speed).  
This is the same battery used in our Super Speed Edition Cars and Upgrade Kits. It's high-performance and fits perfectly in all Anki Overdrive, Drive cars, and trucks. You'll love it.  
*Please note, battery must be soldered onto the circuit board of the car.
Do-it-yourself or Send Your Cars for the Upgrade (see Service Page for details).

HIGH-CAPACITY Battery: For Anki Overdrive & Drive Cars

SKU: LP551520
  • No returns on used batteries. 

    Defective items may be exchanged for free, unless out of stock. If so, a full or partial refund will be given as necessary.

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