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Exclusive OWC Product

Super Speed Edition of NUKE PHANTOM. NEW in box.
Built to dominate the track and last longer, this car hits speeds and runtimes up to 2.5X higher than the regular car. It's available in 3 different speed levels and comes ready-to-race with High-Performance Gears and Super Capacity 150mAh Battery installed for the win! The stock gears are also included. You can even select to have our Underglow kit installed for some very cool looks! Default color is Magenta as shown, unless otherwise requested.


Or If you're not looking for speed: You can choose a Stock (Regular) Car with just the Super Battery Upgrade for 40+ minutes of runtime, with or without the Underglow kit installed!


3 Super Speed Levels to Choose From
Stage-1 (Moderate) 1.5X faster than the regular car. The perfect performance level for that Extra Winning Edge in Racing.
Stage-2 (Fast) 2X faster than the regular car. Great for drivers looking to hit super speeds in a Really Fast and Exciting Super Car.
Stage-3 (Insane) 2.5X faster than the regular car. Strictly reserved for speed demons looking to Have a Blast Driving Wild & Fast.
Video Demos: 
Release Notes / Minor Issues
When Scanning the track at the start of a match, the Stage 2 and 3 cars may go pass the starting line by a very tiny to moderate amount if the Wi-fi & Bluetooth connection being used is slow. This is due to increased speed of the car. You may notice this more so with the Stage-3 car since it's very fast.


SKU: 0007
PriceFrom $102.95
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