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1-3 day Upgrade & Repair Service for all Anki Overdrive and Drive cars!


SERVICES (Includes OWC Parts & Installation):

(1) Car Repair / Battery Upgrade -- to fix and get 40+ minutes of runtime on your car. Super-capacity 150mAh battery upgrade fixes cars that won't stay on and gives over 2X runtime.


(2) Battery Upgrade + Underglow Kit Install -- for increased runtime + underglow of your choice.  


(3) Underglow Kit Install -- Adds a very cool light effect to your car, with no decrease in performance. Six colors to choose from: blue, green, magenta, white, or yellow. 


(4) Super Speed Gears Install -- for up to 2.5X faster car speed. 3 levels to choose from. 3 speed levels: Stage-1 = 1.5X faster car, Stage-2 = 2X faster car, Stage-3 = 2.5X faster car.


(5) Full Super Speed Kit Install -- for up to 2.5X speed & runtime increase. 3 speed choices. Includes 150mAh battery upgrade + super speed gears of your choice; Stage-1, 2, or 3 above.


(6) Fully Loaded -- Battery Upgrade + Super Speed Gears + Underglow Kit of your choice. 


(super speed upgrades not available for anki supertrucks)



Simply select the service you'd like done to your car(s). Quantity is per vehicle. After purchase, you will be sent an email within 24 hours with the shipping information to send your cars to for service. Please note, the purchase cost only covers Service and Return Shipping.


Shipping Your Cars
Once you receive the shipping address (in Snellville, GA 30039), you will need to ship your cars in and notify us of the tracking number via replying to the email you get. Once we receive your cars, they will be serviced within 1-3 business days of arrival and returned to you with the original parts and tracking information. 


Terms and Conditions:
1. Please properly pack your car(s) to not be damaged.
2. If your car currently has damage due to an attempted repair, please contact us BEFORE Purchasing Service.
3. In the rare event that a car can't be fixed (ex. bad circuit board), the original parts will be reinstalled and you will be refunded per individual car, minus the return shipping cost and $10 inspection fee.


Release Notes / Minor Issues for Speed Upgrades

When Scanning the track at the start of a match, cars with Stage 2 and 3 upgrades may go pass the starting line by a very tiny to moderate amount if the Wi-fi & Bluetooth connection being used is slow. This is due to increased speed of the car. You may notice this more so with a Stage-3 car since it's very fast.





Upgrade / Repair SERVICE: For Anki Overdrive & Drive

PriceFrom $19.95
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